What are backlinks?

Backlinks make the Internet go round. They connect one web page to another, which allows visitors to find related pages with relative ease.

They can be powerful in promoting traffic, obtaining higher search engine rankings, and fostering pages as more relevant to certain search terms. They’re something that every website needs to have in order to be successful.


What Does a Backlink Look Like?

The most common backlink exists in the form of hyperlinked text. This is text that shows the target URL when a user hovers over it in most browsers, and causes the browser to load a new web page as soon as the user clicks on it.


What Doesn’t Count as a Backlink?

Not all text that links to other pages are backlinks. Things that used JavaScript, PHP or redirects to load new pages generally don’t count as backlinks. They’re just links.

When a page is loaded through an iFrame, this generally isn’t counted as a backlink. The reasoning behind this is that the page is embedded and loaded forcefully, which may provide dubious or dangerous results for web visitors.


Why links are Important?

As alluded to earlier, backlinks have a wide variety of uses. Their most important ability is to make it easier for web visitors to find helpful content that relates to another page. Understanding this will make the other uses of backlinks clearer.

Search engines use the number of backlinks and the quality of domains that host the backlinks to another website as weights in their algorithms to help evaluate how useful a page may be to general search engine users. This is why having backlinks from relevant and high-authority websites tends to help promote better search engine positions for certain phrases.

The last major thing that backlinks help with concerns when search engines are trying to deduce what a page is about. When there is little text or the content on a page is in a format that search engines can’t interpret, they may fall back to meta elements and the text used in backlinks to deduce what a web page is about or what keywords are the most relevant to it.

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