Seo Wizard WordPress Plugin Review

It can be tough to decide what would be the best SEO solution for your WordPress site. With all the available options out there, it can be confusing. SEO Wizard, however, is very straightforward in its approach to helping you optimize your site pages.

The Main Attractions

wizardfav The Seo Wizard does have its standard keyword and meta tag analysis. However, this WordPress plugin takes it many steps beyond that. In the process, it takes the headache out of linking keywords in your text. After you set up the phrases you want to target, it automatically inserts them as hyperlinks within you blog posts and site pages. In addition, it also uses the SEO phrases you have assigned as meta tags. Setting these meta keywords also is an automated process, but you also can manually customize them.

Similarly, you can request that the SEO Wizard automatically adds an image “alt” value and title attribute. This is essential because it helps you index and rank all your pictures and graphics in image search results. This is a huge time saver for people who have thousands of pictures in their WordPress media library to tag and describe.

For more in-depth automatic hyperlinking, you can also use this plugin’s “Deeplink Juggernaut” function. If the other linking options are not enough for you, this is the place to create a multitude of links for automatic insertion into posts or pages. This could cut down on the time it takes to add and replace your affiliate links when you have them. When you do, it could help you increase your sales conversions with less effort. In addition, it helps you insert varieties of educational sit URLs in less time it would take than setting them up manually.

Ideally, you would want to set as many hyperlinks and keywords as you can possibly think of to make the automatic linking features work in your favor. At the same time, this process should appear natural – which having as many different hyperlinks combinations of affiliate and non-affiliate links can do for you.

This Plugin’s Other Important Features

The SEO Wizard has many attributes that make it useful for site optimization. One of the most beneficial is its ability to create a site map for indexing purposes. This on-page SEO technique greatly enhances your ability to have your site crawled by search engines. It particularly works well for ranking your site in Google.

Furthermore, this WordPress plugin allows you to set and customize your preview snippets. For instance, you can either make them plain text or rich text complete with linking. Along with that, you can include the automated alt and titles you set up to save time. On the other hand, you still can compose customized titles, descriptions and tags for each post. In the process, your titles are monitored for appropriate length.

Another feature that might seem like a novelty to some but handy to others is the fact that you can have all your hyperlinks designed exactly the way you want them. The three main settings for link decorations for this purpose include bold, italics and underline. This is nice for when you are often in the habit of bolding and underlining each anchor link you create to make them noticeable. It makes your job more bearable come time to post because it takes less time this way than formatting each one individually.

In addition to the above, you can also set a specific title and description for when you post on Facebook and Twitter. This text can be different or the same as what you posted on your blog or site. In addition, you can add a list of links that you want use as anchor test in your WordPress blog posts and pages.

Another helpful SEO Wizard feature is the logging of 404 errors. This is handy for when you need to keep track of what pages might no longer exist – which otherwise can be a pain to do. It’s a fast way of fixing, replacing or redirecting all broken links once you find them.

Moreover, you can fine-tune your contextual linking strategies using a variety of additional features within SEO Wizard. For instance, you also have the option of making these “no follow” if that is what would be best for your particular site. You also can decide if you want a page to link to itself, or if you want to create keyword links based on site categories. Additionally, you can opt out of indexing certain pages.

Additional Feedback

Even the free version of SEO Wizard has more than enough features to help you rank your WordPress sites. Furthermore, the automatic keyword linking features make it a diamond in the rough. Therefore, this is an excellent resource for search engine optimization beginners. However, it would be nice to see some more in-depth competitive keyword and URL analysis for advanced users. Perhaps that is coming in the future, though.

Regardless, SEO Wizard is an excellent way for website owners and small businesses to be noticed. They can also rank their sites with very little effort and without spending thousands of dollars on search engine optimization services.

It might take a bit of time to learn how to take advantage of the features this plugin provides. However, for most blog masters and site mistresses, it seems that the time spent is worth it.

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